Willem DeKooning
Shackleton at Camp Patience 1915
Launch of the Stancomb Wills
West Point Historical Home
Tom Crean
Shackleton and Hurley
The Nightwatchman Spins a Yarn
African American Family
Death on Concertina
WWI Battle Scene
Scene from the Battle of the Somme
Evening by the Cloth Hall, Ypres
Shell Shock
Four Apaches
Sioux Chiefs
Old Harley Davidson
Frightened Children WWII Belarus
Survivor, Researcher, Simon Wiesenthal
War Child

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Scene from the Battle of the Somme

Scene from a documentary about the Battle of the Somme in WWI, a 4 1/2 month battle that resulted in over a million wounded or killed. There is some speculation that this photo may have been staged for the documentary. Oil on 36 x 48 inch canvas.